With our office in Zhongshan - the HEART of the Amusement trade in China
and good English speaking staff , We are committed to provide you
the best service to your satisfaction ...

Here are just part of services we are proud to offer.

1.Sourcing --- Extremely reasonable pricing for almost everything that
we do ,based on 25 years of expertise in all aspects of the amusement

2.Pickup ,hotel booking and more....
Full travel services to make your trip effortless. From airport pickup to
hotel to transportation to leisure activities
and all type of assistance throughout your trip. Side trips for shopping /
sourcing to YiWu are also available.
If you are first time coming to China, we will definitely make you feel at

3. Full OEM / ODM services
Do you want to work on a project in China? we will be your
best choice as
helping from prototype stage to production follow-up to inspection & shipping arrangement ......

4. Full logistics services from China to your door !
We can arrange almost from anywhere in china to the rest of the world
at reasonable cost.

5. Quality control inspection
Worry about existing orders shipping without inspection? We are your eyes and ears here.

We offer a Reasonable price with excellent results and reporting back to you

This is only part of the services ,... Don't go it alone .. let us help you!

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