Here are some great FAQ

1. why buy from you (China star games)

Not all, but most of overseas buyers had bad buying experience(so
called "horror" stories) in china for purchases of rides &games etc..

mostly arising quality or service issue.. even worse, the company
walks away with the money. With over 40 years experience in the
industry and hiring people of integrity locally,we will always
consider the interests from customer side. We believe that we can be
your eyes and ears in china.

2 . How long will it take to deliver the order?

Normally, within one week if we have stocks ..

Depending on the size of your orders,it might take longer time if we
just start production

3 .Can I purchase a game not listed on your website?

If you have other interested items to look for in the market, do not
hesitate to let us know as we

have many local resources to look for a specific game at Very
reasonable price for you.

4.What type of payments do you receive?

We prefer bank wires as this is the most common for international business

5.What type of warranty will I receive on my games?

Normally 6 months starting from the day of receiving instead of the
date of purchase as it will take roughly one month for overseas
if the games are out of the factory warranty period. , we will still
service you if the parts are still available in the market with
reasonable charges.

6. Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes. we sell, moreover, we will recommend you to buy some critical
parts package within the game order in order to get you out of the
troubles during the operations. Keeping good inventory of some spare
parts is always wise decision especially for overseas buyers. (Fedex
costs $$$ than the parts)

7. What's the Minimum Order?

Honestly,we do not have any minimum order for you . You can even order
one or two pieces of games as test order as we believe you will be our
repeat customer soon. Considering the economic way of shipping ,FCL is
always better than LCL.

8.How do you ship the games to my country?

Regularly, we trade on EXW factory term,so that you can have your
forwarder to pick up the order anytime once ready.Of course, we have
full logistics services that can arrange almost from anywhere in china
to the rest of the world at reasonable cost.

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